Little Lass and the Sailor Book Cover

The Little Lass and the Sailor

Sara Bell, an unknown poet, writes in The Little Lass and the Sailor, of the wanderings of a sailor on the frontier of the sea and the love of his little lass. The language of this poem is bold and beautiful.

Written in ballad format, this poem, is a love story, a parable, a deeply spiritual and moving tale of life’s more painful and challenging choices behind the love of the little lass and the sailor.

Behind this poem is really the story of a woman loving an alcoholic man and losing him to the disease. Speaking as one who has lost people that I’ve loved to the disease of alcoholism, this poem strikes a cord in my heart.

I showed this to a recovering alcoholic man once and saw him actually cry in reading it because The Little Lass and the Sailor particularly captures the struggle of a man with the disease and a man’s pain. While in the woman is captured the pain of letting go and moving on. ~ Marcella Parsons