Why Women Aren't Engineers - A Book on Workplace Bullying Examples

Why Women Aren’t Engineers

Why Women Aren’t Engineers is not your typical women in engineering book. This book won’t tell you how to get the corner office or break through the glass ceiling. It offers no uplifting advice on how to succeed as a woman engineer.  This is one woman’s account of the difficulties she faced over thirty-three years as a computer software engineer.

Why read it? It covers topics such as discrimination against women and includes workplace bullying examples that successful women aren’t talking about but do happen to real women in engineering careers.

Newspapers and technology experts are asking themselves, “Why do women make up only 15% of the workforce in technology and engineering jobs?” Women have succeeded in most industries, but still not in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Stories of Workplace Bullying Examples

Some high-powered women in the tech world have recently been saying that the work environment is hostile to women. What does that really mean? What constitutes a hostile work environment?  Are women just complaining or is there really a problem?

This book contains a number of stories from many companies in the industry spanning the West to East Coast in location, and large and small in size. Through these stories, Sara has managed to describe many ways that a “hostile” work environment plays out for a woman engineer.  She describes what happened, what the management and human resources department did, what she did, and how it affected her personally.

The book also includes statistics on workplace bullying, hostile work environments including violence towards women, and sexual harassment towards women in the workplace specifically in engineering. The research she did on workplace culture today led her to believe that most of her experiences were workplace bullying examples.

Sara has written this book in such a way that she leaves it up to you, the reader to decide whether there is a problem in the industry or just a problem with Sara.  She presents real workplace bullying examples, statistics, and questions then invites discussion and feedback on these topics.