Glad Voices Christmas Verses Book Cover

Glad Voices: Christmas Verses from Chimes of Consecration

Glad Voices is a wonderful little Christmas book from the 1800s with Christmas verses and lovely illustrations on each page. It is a Victorian Christmas book for children and adults.

Emily or Elizabeth Steele Elliot authored many hymns for the choir at St. Mark’s Methodist Church in Brighton, England. Her father, Rev. Edward Bishop Elliott, was the rector of St. Mark’s and the author of Horae Apocalypticae.

Coming from not only a religious, but musical family; her aunt Charlotte Elliott, author of the hymn, “Just as I Am.” Another uncle, Rev. Henry Venn Elliott was author of the hymn, “Sun Of My Soul,” based on a poem by Rev. John Keble.

Emily spent her life working with rescue missions and children in Sunday schools through her association with the Evangelical Party of the Anglican Church. She was the editor of a magazine called, “The Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor.”