Frontier & Wilderness Poetry

This is the beginning of our American Frontier and Wilderness poetry shelf. In keeping with our other books, we have chosen books that describe some aspect of wilderness or the American frontier through poetry. Both books contain long poems that read like prose and tell a terrific story of early American life.

The Passing of the Storm, was written by Alfred Castner King, who was virtually unknown when we first published the book. His p9781945986000_Front_coveroetry had not been newly published for over 50 years and describes life in the Rocky Mountains from the view of miners in the early 1900s. It is with great joy that we see now that there are other publishers as well as original versions available online for this great American poet.

Little Lass and the Sailor Book Cover

Little Lass and the Sailor

The Little Lass and the Sailor is a ballad which on the surface it is a poem about a love story of the little lass for her sailor. Underneath that is the painful story of the love for an alcoholic man grappling with his disease.

As the ballad progresses, the love of the little lass can no longer hold the sailor and he is “off to the sea” or off to his drinking and whatever fate is in store for him.

I once saw a recovering alcoholic gentleman shed tears after reading this. ~ M. Parsons