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Bab: A Sub-Deb Book Cover

Bab: A Sub-Deb

K by Rinehart Book Cover


Mary Roberts Rinehart was one of the greatest American Mystery writers from the first half of the 20th Century. ARose Books has chosen to publish two of her mystery novels that we feel are among her best: Bab: A Sub-Deb and K. Both of these murder mystery books were written by Rinehart during the World War I era and both give the reader a great feeling for life during that time of early 1900s, Victorian, pre-War days. We have published both books with custom covers and custom illustrations fitting the stories and the era making these books unique from other publications of the same titles.

K. is a more serious book while Bab is hilarious; both are in my list of favorite books. They each represent a slightly different style of presenting a mystery story. As Mary Roberts Rinehart was not formally trained in writing, but wrote for the love of it, she dashed out stories experimenting with character and plot presentation with each new story. All of her books have her intrepid wit that gives great comic relief in the middle of murder, mayhem, and mischief. Sometimes called the “Agatha Christie” of the United States, Rinehart is given credit for introducing into the writing of mystery novels the idea of “had I only known” or foreshadowing events. Her use of this tactic keeps readers on the edge as each chapter leaves them wondering what will happen next?